Increase Broke Efficiency With the 世界杯足球买球 Deflaker

The 世界杯足球买球 Deflaker ensures homogeneous stock with excellent deflaking and defibering performance in bale pulping lines, broke lines and for wet-strength grades.


Ensure excellent deflaking and defibering in bale pulping lines, broke lines, and for wet-strength grades with 世界杯足球买球 Deflaking Technology.


Deflaking offers a tool to eliminate process disturbances in an early process stage. By eliminating large particles from broke, deflaking contributes to a reduced number of web breaks and less screening rejects. Typically, 在CTMP中应用了deflaking, 快干捆制浆, in various coated paper and board machines as well as in tissue broke lines.

Designed to ensure homogeneous stock for further processing through defiberizing of fiber bundles and flakes utilizing pulsation and the friction between the fibers. Proven 世界杯足球买球 Deflakers feature a controllable fillings gap to efficiently break down the fiber bundles and flakes.

Key benefits

Energized savings potential with hard-to-defiber grades

  • Reduced number and size of flakes and fiber bundles increases broke line efficiency, 特别是湿强, tissue and similar demanding grades

Flexible operation and easy maintenance

  • 容量范围广
  • 耐用,经过验证的设计
  • 填料寿命长