Upgrade to a hybrid scrubber system

Upgrade your scrubber system and stay ahead of regulations

IMO regulations are becoming ever more stringent to curb climate change. While most of the scrubber systems in operation are open-loop systems, 世界杯足球买球 offers the possibility to upgrade an open-loop system to a hybrid solution. 世界杯足球买球’s process and automation knowledge ensure reliable and comprehensive upgrade project execution based on 世界杯足球买球 Water Treatment technology and the latest 世界杯足球买球 Automation control systems.



在每个项目中, 世界杯足球买球’s professionals offer the flexibility needed to reach at the best solution for the process, layout and automation integration of your existing system. Upgrading your existing system to a hybrid solution offers all the latest advantages. These include process optimization applications, 世界杯足球买球 工业互联网解决方案 and much more.

We assign a dedicated project team to each project, and they establish common targets together with you, the customer. This guarantees that both the responsibilities and the processes are completely clear, and that you will know exactly who to contact.


Minimized risks at the planning stage


In hybrid upgrade projects, thorough planning is halfway to success. That’s why every project starts with careful specification executed interactively with your specialists. Detailed surveys, studies, and risk analysis help define the right scope for the delivery. The goal of careful preplanning is to achieve the process objectives and minimize risks. This way, we can deliver an upgrade project that ensures smooth integration of processes, technology, and automation.

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